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Spa & Salon

A simplified and Fully integrated Retail Software for Spa and Salon

An easy to use Spa and Salon software with features like Scheduling Appointments, simplified billing process, Employee and Customer Management etc. With its full – fledged features it increases the efficiency of business, makes your Spa and Salon more organized and you will be able to provide better services to your clients.

Highlights of our Retail POS Software

Appointment Scheduling : It becomes easy and fast to book appointments and manage them through our Retail Software. It helps to keep a track of confirmed, rescheduled or cancelled appointments. Appointment booking can be done based on the availability of Stylist/Therapist.

Integration with POS : Our Retail POS Software offers flexible features like Bar-coding, Gift Coupons, Discounts etc. It has an option to create unlimited bill series. Billing can be done on Bar code which enables speed and accuracy. It also facilitates multi payment mode.

Full – Fledged Inventory Management : Our Retail Software has full fledged inventory management module which keeps a track of and manages your retail products easily. It also gives alerts when the inventory reaches reorder level. Bar coding facility also helps to manage inventory accurately. You’ll get details of the exact stock levels which helps you take decisions regarding replenishment.

Comprehensive Sales Module : There is a comprehensive Sales Module which keeps record of all the bills and sales transactions. It adjusts inventory with every sale of product. It has the POS Invoice facility and various Sales MIS Reports.

Customer Management : With the help of our Retail Software you can get detailed and comprehensive information about customers through Customer Master. You would come to know the frequency of their visits, their contact details, which customers to target etc. Based on this you can run marketing and loyalty programs.

Security Management : It’s important for every spa and salon to keep their information secure and safe. So we have the facility to define Roles and assign rights based on that. Limiting the user access makes the system secure as they are only able to use those options which are defined according to their responsibilities.

Complete Reporting System : You need not waste your time calculating daily sales and monthly statistics. You can get various Sales, Purchase, Financial Accounting, Inventory related reports which will help in decision making. New strategies can be designed by management through reports which can help them to increase profitability.