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Fruit & Vegetable Shop

A safe, Robust and Intuitive Retail Software for Fruit and Vegetable Stores

A Quick and Fully Integrated software with various features like POS Sales Invoice, Inventory, Wastage Management, accounting, Sales Entry etc. This software would help you to integrate your shop operations with its reporting system which would make it possible for you to take prompt actions and help get more customers

Highlights of our Retail POS Software

Bar-coding System : You can generate Barcode Stickers through Retail POS Software. Barcode will also help you to keep a track of your inventory. Each item would have a barcode. Billing process is facilitated where you just need to scan items and the price of the item is reflected in the bill.

Waste Management : It is important for every Fruit and Vegetable Store to keep a record of the Wastage. Through our Retail POS software you can enter the Wastage of the items and even view the wastage through Reporting system. This helps you to reduce wastage and take decision about ordering the right quantity in future.

Integration with Weighing Scale : Your process of billing would become faster and systematic as we have weighing scale integrated with our Retail POS Software. Once item is put on the weighing scale the rates and weight is reflected in the software.

Customer Payment through Multiple means : Our Retail POS Software helps the customers in making payment through various means like Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card and Coupons. Our software also facilitates Credit transactions.

Reorder Level : Our Retail POS Software helps you to define Reorder level in the system so that the order can be placed quickly as soon as the stock goes below minimum level. It is also helpful when the stock goes above maximum level or is overstocked. This reduces the costs for maintaining inventory.

Day close Transaction : A Cashier should see to it that the Cash balance tallies. This is facilitated by Day Close process where at the end of the day the actual cash in hand is tallied with the Balance amount. Any short or excess of cash can be seen immediately.