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Chocolate & Cake Shop

A Scalable and Affordable Retail Software for Chocolate and Cake shops

A Cost – effective and integrated software for your business which helps to unify your business processes. It has several features such as Integration with weighing scale, Gift and Loyalty Cards, Recipe Management, Maintenance of Raw Materials etc. It not only eases the work of Chocolate and cake shop but also helps to increase the shop’s profitability.

Highlights of our Retail POS Software

Integration with Weighing Scale : You can integrate your weighing scale with our software for accurate weighing and fast billing of items.

Delivering the right order : Manually writing the orders may not result in proper delivery of the items. It might also delay the processing of order. Our software helps you with adding orders directly into the system, providing the right item to right customer and billing.

Managing the Raw Material : You can easily manage your Raw Materials through our software. You can get the details about the Rate of the Raw Material, the Opening Stock, Maximum Stock, Minimum Stock, Reorder level etc.

Recipe Management : Our Retail software helps to manage Recipes. Integrated with Inventory Management it helps to track the quantity of Product served and the ingredients available. It also helps to track the items and raw material which are out of stock.

Home Delivery : Our Retail software supports Home Delivery functionality. You need to enter the customer details to whom the home delivery is to be made. You will be able to link delivery man to an order and track home delivery order booked.

Loyalty Cards : You can also give Loyalty Cards to your customers who visit your shop frequently through our Retail software. This results in customer satisfaction and retaining them for a long time.