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Departmental Store

A Secure and Safe Retail Software for Departmental Stores

A Convenient and Customizable solution with features like Barcode Printing, Proper billing options to facilitate Customer checkouts, Effective Day end process, reporting etc. It gives flexibility to fulfill the diverse needs of a Departmental Store. Integrated with POS, it lowers your cost of operations and helps in expansion of your departmental stores.

Easy Billing Process : Integration of Bar-coding and Weighing Scale with the POS helps the cashier in directly scanning the products and printing the bill. Payment can be made by the Customer in multi currency at the same time and also by different means like Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card, Coupons etc.

Facility of Re – Order level : You can plan your Replenishment through our re – order level features. This planning can be done based on your Sales, Purchases, Stock and Previous PO. Whenever your stock will go below the reorder level you’ll get a notification. It also doesn’t allow overstock. Thus it helps your Departmental Store to run smoothly.

Simplified Purchase entries : Our Retail software allows making Goods Receipt entries. There is a provision for Purchase Order and Indent. It is possible to make separate calculations for different types of bills of suppliers. It also allows Discount, Taxes, Freights inclusion while making Purchase Entries. You can also maintain Vendors and their price list.

Day Close Process : Our Retail Software has effective Day Close Process where Cash in Hand is matched with the Balance. Cash Sale Amount, Credit Sale Amount, Credit Card & Debit Card Sale Amount, Gift Voucher Sale Amount etc. is reflected. Thus it prevents billing counter staff from making frauds.

Management of Inventory : You can maintain Item and Opening Stock through our Retail Software. You can classify inventory on the basis of Category, Sub – Category, Type etc. Each product has a separate Product Code. It can record Excess and Shortages. It is possible to maintain stock in multiple units, Maintain Batch, Expiry, Warranty etc.

Provision for Schemes and Gift Vouchers : Our Retail Software allows applying promotional Schemes of different kinds which are based on seasons, customers, discounts on quantity etc. This is directly reflected in customers’ bills. Our Retail software also allows you to set Gift Vouchers which includes single as well as multiple Gift vouchers, refilling it and even returning it.

Easy Accounting : Our Retail Software makes accounting easy and accurate with features like maintaining Account, Cash and Bank Entries, VAT and TDS entries, Cash Flow Statement, Bank Reconciliation, various accounting ratios, Age Analysis report etc.