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This module completely manages your sales functions by automating and simplifying them to make sure that you serve your customers in a better way. It gives you a boost to improve productivity, efficiency and profitability of your business by managing entire sales cycle and after Sales Services which gives customer satisfaction. It helps to track sales as per Date, Week, Month, Customer etc. Merged with other modules it provides a standardized process for the Sales Proceeds and high quality services to customer.

•    Manages sale of multiple products and generates up – to – date Sales Order, Inquiry, Quotation, Invoice etc

•    It is integrated with Finance and Inventory Module to avoid duplication and manage transactions

•    It also records Sales Return data, Sales Delivery, Pending Sales, Payment terms etc to track current sales activities

•    It helps in viewing data of the whole sales cycle to help analyze best and worst selling product and also in forecasting demand, sales margin etc