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Case Study

One of our clients is involved in Chocolate Business and serves a variety of chocolates. They ventured into chocolate business to attract common man towards a one stop place to get chocolates. They not only delight customers by providing chocolates but also serve cakes, cupcakes and Pastries.

They are known to be a chocolate lounge providing pure chocolates and spreading chocolate eating throughout nation. They are committed towards providing the highest quality chocolates and other similar products and serve the customers with personalized service in a rich ambience.

Challenges prior to implementation of ERP

Before implementation of ERP all their processes were manual or semi automated. They not only faced problem in coordination of processes but also in making entries manually. There were issues like data duplication and lack of sales indicators. It had become difficult for them to manufacture, serve the customers, maintain raw materials, manage sales people etc. They were in need of an ERP Solution which could facilitate them in providing quick customer services, support them in cash, credit and debit card payment made by customer, facilitate them to set and modify menu items and prices, track amount of daily consumption, give information about the availability of ingredients, give billing history as per customer and order, generate various reports etc. The company thus decided to migrate to ERP solution in order to achieve operational efficiency and increase revenues

Integration with eLiteERP Retail

This business venture decided to implement our product eLiteERP Retail. They found our product apt for their lounge because eLiteERP Retail has all the features to meet the requirement of a Retail Outlet. It is a tailored and powerful solution which can help them to serve customers in a better way. Thus our solution was perfect for their lounge to improve visibility and provide additional features to the customers.

Result of the integration

After the implementation of ERP the business venture observed a lot of changes in their processes. Smooth handling of inventory became possible, entries which were done manually earlier, became automated, it became easy to assign gift vouchers to customers, quick acceptance of customer payment became possible, they could track daily sales summary and consumption, there was flexibility in configuring and modifying menu group, category, group and item. With the help eLiteERP Retail it became possible for them to deal with customer with ease. Our ERP Solution also helped them to enhance their business efficiency. The following are some of the advantages which they got by implementing eLiteERP Retail.

Automated Front office operations

It became possible to automate all front office operations of the retail outlet. It eliminated duplication of processes and facilitated speedy turnaround of orders. It helped in quick order taking and delivering timely services to customers. It also helped them in quickly accepting payment made by customers through debit card, cash, credit card and also to give gift vouchers. It also became possible to split orders and serve customers with ease. It made Restaurant and Menu setup possible which included floor setup, table setup and assigning customer group. They could also assign happy hours through the software if they allowed any discount during some particular hours.

Managing inventory in a better way

eLiteERP Retail helped them to keep a record of the raw material required, ingredients on hand and procurement to be made. It helped them to track the daily consumption, give details about the availability of ingredients and keep record of stock movement, purchases, wastage of material. It also gave updated information whenever the stock of ingredients got over and updated the stock in the software as soon as the consumption was done. It also helped in managing material transfer within different branches of the retail outlet. It took into consideration base stock and reorder level while processing orders.

Reliable Accounting

eLiteERP Retail gave fast payment options, kept billing history as per customer and order and gave complete information about funds transfer. It allowed to make expense entry and made displays which were client oriented. It gave detailed information of spending on purchases of items essential for running the business. Through Day Close option they could match the actual cash in hand with the balance and eLiteERP Retail also helped them in tallying items served and items on hand. It gave complete details about various expenses, sales done in a day with complete daily consumption analysis. It also helped them to maintain price list.

Efficient Back – Office Operations

eLiteERP Retail helped them to manage all back office operations efficiently. It helped to reduce wastage of resources, cost and keep control over kitchen area. It helped them in order management and manage multiple outlets from their head office. They could also track orders given and cancellations made by the customer online. It helped them to manage staff and also facilitated day closure process.

Powerful Reporting System

eLiteERP Retail gave them facility of viewing various reports like Daily sales Report, Sales Report Date wise, item wise, Detail item wise sales, item wise monthly sales and sales summary report. Sale by day, date, month, hour, Customer, table, week etc could also be viewed by them. They could generate top selling items, ingredients usage and cost, Profitability report, Stock Analysis report, Peak period report, day close report etc. All of these helped them to take important decisions to increase their efficiency and revenues

According to them, the level of support that they received from our team during the implementation process had been excellent. The change from manual to automated process was quicker and simpler than what they had anticipated. The features were customized to suit their specific requirements and many additional improvements were made to provide them customized retail software.

Thus they found our software perfect for their lounge and they are looking forward to continuing their association with us!!