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An effective Retail Software for Apparel and Garment businesses

A Full – fledged solution with features like Retail Billing, Bar-coding, inventory management, Flexibility in Billing, Order Management, Reporting system, Gift Coupons, compliance with Service Tax, TDS, VAT etc. It helps in managing multiple stores, improves productivity, reduces cost and is a one – stop solution for apparel, clothing and garment business.

Highlights of our Retail Software

Unique Bar – coding System : Our Software has unique Barcodes for every piece with the details of supplier, Purchase Date, Price, Color, Size, Brand etc. It is possible to map barcode designs to printer specifications. It helps in printing barcodes on different printers and print barcodes from transactions.

Interactive Dashboard : The Dashboard of our Retail Software gives details of Total Sales and Purchase, Profit and Loss, Top 5 Products, Stock Value etc. It has a dashboard master from where you can set what you want to view in dashboard. It thus helps in analysis and decision making.

Clearance of Old Stock : Our software facilitates clearance of Old or ageing Stock. Action can be taken on Old Stock by indentifying it on time. This can be taken out on Discounts by declaring Sale.

Easy Purchase Entry : There are various functionalities in our purchase module from Purchase Requisition to Purchase Invoice. Thus it simplifies Purchase Entry for all your suppliers where Tax, Freight and Discounts can even be entered. It also facilitates import transactions.

Better CRM : It will be possible for you to have better customer relationship management by offering customers, promotional schemes and offers. You can even design and manage multiple loyalty schemes.

Accounting made simple : Our Retail Software makes your accounting simple and accurate. You have the account master; you also get to make important entries like Cash, Bank, Sales, Purchase etc. You can also view Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, P&L A/C, Cash Book etc.

Powerful Reporting System : Our Retail Software has many useful reports that will give deep understanding about your retail functions. The Reports can be exported to Excel, PDF and can even be mailed.