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Inventory module helps to track stock movements made within your business such as purchase made from vendor, items utilized, damaged, as well as Sale of products made at different locations. It thus saves time and helps in managing optimum level of stock. It also helps you to check inventory status of your business by monitoring movement of stock based on quantity and value. You can also perform inventory analysis which gives clear cut information of Sales made and inventory lying at store to help you with Sales and Purchase transaction, manage overstock and stock situations.

•    It tracks inventory with all details of quantity and gives notifications of re – order level and in case of requirement of new inventory.

•    It automatically updates stock at the time of Sales or purchase of new inventory with continuous analysis of stock

•   It manages unlimited inventory by maintaining menu based on groups, units, categories, components for effective classification and retaining      stock position

•     It also supports various inventory valuation techniques like LIFO, FIFO, Weighted average etc.

•     It helps to maintain inventory level to meet demand of local customers and reduce wastage of items.